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Chilli Lee Szechuan cuisine restaurant is a family business opened in 2010. The Chinese food is a combination of Szechuan style and Cantonese Style. They get fresh meat & vegetables from the market every day.

There aren’t many great places on North Shore where you could find authentic Szechuan cuisine. When you look for specific cuisines that require a lot of knowledge and expertise to cook then you have to rely on the very best. Slightest amendments to the original recipes or the manner in which they are cooked, and you can have a disappointing experience. The finest connoisseurs and food lovers would never be pleased with anything but authentic Szechuan cuisine.

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For everyone who lives on North Shore, there is some good news. Chilli Lee, a restaurant on Lonsdale Avenue, specializes in Szechuan cuisine which is not only mouthwatering but also friendly to your wallet. Chilli Lee is a small family run business which has a dedicated in house cook with specialization in Szechuan cuisine and operates a restaurant with 20 seating capacity in their Lonsdale Avenue joint. Despite being a small restaurant they have an extensive menu which might take you months to taste all that are in the offing.

First, what’s unique about Chilli Lee’s Szechuan cuisine from the rest is that are available in North Shore or somewhere else? Pancakes or baguettes are available all around the world. But pancakes made the authentic American way found in the US and few other countries taste the best and fresh baguettes in France baked sometime prior to being purchased and eaten taste best are superior to any variety found anywhere in the world. The same applies to the Szechuan cuisine menu offered by Chilli Lee.

The foods are generally medium spicy which makes it ideal for all. Based on your preference you can opt for mild or super hot. Every item on the menu is cooked in zero trans-fat canola oil which makes them perfect for your waistline, heart and cholesterol. The food is cooked fresh and is inexplicably tasty. The focused and meticulous approach of the chef and the owners of the restaurant lend a personal touch to everything they serve and the way they serve.

Chilli Lee also has a free delivery service to anywhere up to 5 Km from Lonsdale Avenue in North Shore and that is certainly a facility you could use even on the busiest day of the week. The extensive menu of Chilli Lee including Chef’s Specials (11 dishes), Appetizers & Soups (17 dishes), vegetarian Szechuan cuisine (14 dishes) and Seafood, Tofu, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Egg Foo Yong, Soft Chow Mein, Crispy Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Combos & Lunch Specials offer more than a hundred different authentic Szechuan cuisine dishes.